Apocalypses: Revelation of Weeks


Time Period

200–175 BCE, sometime before the Maccabean Revolt.


Part of the 1 Enoch corpus.

‘I make known to you, my sons, I myself, Enoch.’

Angelic Guide

Enoch does not receive guidance throughout the text, but he mentions that angels revealed the vision of weeks to him.

‘The vision of heaven was shown to me, and from the words of the watchers and holy ones I have learned everything, and in the heavenly tablets I read everything and I understood.’



Primordial Events

The biblical history of Israel is divided into eras called ‘weeks’. The earliest weeks summarize the Book of Genesis.

‘I was born the seventh in the first week, and until my time righteousness endured.’

Historical Review

Weeks two through six encompass everything from Exodus to the end of Kings.

‘After this there will arise a sixth week … And at its conclusion, the temple of the kingdom will be burned with fire, and in it the whole race of the chosen root will be dispersed.’

After-the-fact Prophecy

Because Enoch is the pseudonym, everything in weeks one through six or seven are this.

‘And at its conclusion, the chosen will be chosen …’



Social Upheaval





The ninth week sees increase in justice on earth, and the final week brings the eschaton.

‘After this, in the tenth week, the seventh part, will be the eternal judgment …’

New Creation

The final week brings a new world with endless weeks.

‘And the first heaven will pass away in it, and a new heaven will appear …’


First Enoch is itself made of several sources, and the Apocalpse of Weeks is just one of those.

It appears to be written by a single author in the middle of the Greek period, but before the Maccabean Revolt had broken out. At some time, the end of week seven and weeks eight through ten were mistakenly misplaced to a somewhat earlier location in 1 Enoch; they needed to be restored to their correct place in the book by modern translaters.


1 Enoch 93.1–2: Enoch introduces the vision of weeks to his sons.

1 Enoch 93.3: The first week: from the beginning of creation until Enoch.

1 Enoch 93.4: The second week: from Enoch until the Nephilim.

1 Enoch 93.5: The third week: from the Nephilim until Abraham.

1 Enoch 93.6: The fourth week: from Abraham until the exodus.

1 Enoch 93.7: The fifth week: from the exodus until the construction of Solomon’s temple.

1 Enoch 93.8: The sixth week: from the construction until its destruction and the Babylonian exile.

1 Enoch 93.9–10, 91.11: The seventh week: from the Babylonian exile until perhaps the Maccabean Revolt.

1 Enoch 91.12–13: The eighth week: a period of justice, concluding with a new and final temple’s construction.

1 Enoch 91.14: The ninth week: the nations will convert to follow Israel’s God.

1 Enoch 91.15–17: The tenth week: divine judgment on the angels who left heaven, and the beginning of the eternal age.